Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Big bang

Ever feel like you want to toss a grenade into life and just cross your fingers that the shrapnel will fall where it should? As of late, things have felt a bit ... directionless.

Work seems pretty meaningless, full of endless meetings and discussions and lists and plans about, well, nothing, really.

I am not exactly fighting with my significant other, but things are certainly strained, but really for no reason other than the world is a pain in the ass, circumstances are a bitch and we are taking it out on each other. We like each other, the world just doesn't seem to like us much lately. So again, misery over ... nothing.

The list of things I really ought to get completely is so large and undoable that I am unable to tackle even the smallest thing, hence NOTHING happens.

Hell, time to blow it all up. It can't get any worse than nothing.

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