Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Please leave a message

I realized somewhere around the third or fourth "call me back" that, for me, relying on a telephone as a primary means of communication is akin to rubbing sticks together to build a fire. It might work eventually, but it will take twice as long as it needs to.

I got my first cell phone six years ago. I got a Gmail account about four years ago and have been on Facebook and Twitter for less than three years. I finally broke down and bought a smartphone a little over a year ago. And with all of these things at hand, when I am limited to the telephone, I feel a bit like I am using the Pony Express. Call. Leave message. Miss returned call. Listen to message. Call. Leave message. Two days later, "let's go have a drink" is relayed.

Not really sure whether it's a good or bad thing, really, but this exercise in telephone-only communication has proved that I am not so good at waiting, either to relay or respond to information. Curious, that.

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