Saturday, March 07, 2009

Retail WTF?

Two things:

• Why in the world have they color-coded the Easter candy in Wal-Mart? I mean, really, are people really that anal retentive that they could not possibly have an Easter basket in which the yellow Peeps and the pink malted milk eggs coexist with the green jellybeans and the orange M&M's? Is this sort of like those color-themed Christmas trees? I'm troubled.

• What is this new display technique--I call it "pile of crap that might fall and crush your toes"--that the local grocery store has adopted? They use it with everything from cans of soup to potato chips to pepperoni sticks: these big square tables holding a pile of merchandise that leaves the shopper to approach at his or her own risk. What happened to nice, tidy stacks on end-caps?

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