Thursday, February 01, 2007

Life in a bureaucracy

Have an idea for a project.
Write down your idea.
Make a list of all ideas and determine where your idea falls in the list.
Form a committee to study the idea.
Revise the idea and resubmit to the committee.
Help the committee determine who will carry out the project.
Have that person write the project down on a list.
Have that person's supervisor determine, in concert with his or her entire office, where that project falls on the person's list of priorities.
Person does project work.
* Have supervisor review the work.
Submit work to the committee.
Committee revises work and sends back to supervisor.
Supervisor, in concert with the entire office, directs the person to make the revisions.
Repeat from * five times.
Complete project.
Put project on a list of accomplishments.
Repeat entire process to generate a report to tell "Them" what you are doing with your time.

Now toss yourself out the window. AAAAA! *Thud*

This, folks, is what is meant by the term "self-licking ice cream cone."

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Anonymous said...

Oh crud. I forgot a step and it's the first one:

Write down, on a list somewhere, that it is your goal to have an idea for a project.

Anonymous said...

Dude! The most import of these steps is to keep running around, saying it is your idea. Should you see a frown, put one a'top your head too while running around, proclaiming "someone had a idea".

Anonymous said...

A "self-licking ice cream cone?" That sounds awful sexy!


MG said...

Well, you know my brain perpetually exists at a level several inches below the curb. And I have to say, it's pretty damn fun down here.